WOW, How Did They Survive This Crash?

The pilot of this plane works with the Flying Medical Service in Africa and experienced something everyone fears while flying… A plane crash. Check out his story and lets help him raise some funds to get a new plane. Thankfully the pilot posted his amazing story on Reddit.

I’m a pilot with Flying Medical Service in Tanzania. We provide child vaccinations, pregnant mother check-ups, and we see patients for any ailment (see an album of the organization’s work here). Along with the clinics, we are available for emergency flights. The only reason I’m posting these pictures, basically, is to try and help the organization fund raise for a replacement plane. I’m hoping this gets us some traffic to our site, where we’re trying a crowd-funding thing. Either way, enjoy the pics!

While doing a “routine” flyby, the pilots plane failed to lift quick enough causing him to clip a tree with his wing.

The wreckage is unbelievable, it doesn’t look like anyone should have survived. This is nothing short of a miracle.

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