This Guy Went To Africa To Photograph Meerkats, But Didn’t Expect This To Happen

Will Burrard-Lucas has lived an interesting life. Originally from the UK, where he lives, he spent time in Tanzania as a child. In 2012 he went back to Africa, to spend a full year snapping pics of Zambia’s wild creatures. Burrard-Lucas is known as an inventor as well as a photographer – he developed a remote controlled wildlife camera buggy called the BeetleCam, which he uses to get up-close shots of dangerous animals.

But when he encountered a colony of meerkats in Botswana, he could get up close and personal. Very up close, and very personal.


A meerkat gets a new perspective on its surroundings

At first, the meerkats were wary of Will. But over the course of his six day visit to their home, they grew comfortable enough with him to use his camera (and body) as lookout posts.

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