These Abandoned Soviet Facilities Will Give You The Creeps

The states of the former Soviet Union are littered with relics of the Cold War. Abandoned facilities have stood for decades, collecting rust and photographers. These are the most fascinating, and the most oddly beautiful. They bespeak an era when the USSR was so powerful that it was poised to be the primary mover in global politics, military might and influence.

In what has to be close to an adventurous photographer's ultimate daydream, Ralph Mirebs accidentally stumbled upon this huge, abandoned building during his travels in Afghanistan.

The facility was operational until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Now it sits completely fallow, in the middle of nowhere. It’s an artifact of a bygone era, when the Soviet Union’s might was considered a threat to Western global hegemony.

The building housed Soviet space shuttles

The huge building still holds two disused space shuttles from the heyday of the Soviet space program. The interior is caked in dust, which began seeping in when the building’s pressure control system failed.

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