The 10 Richest Divas In The History Of Wrestling


Pro wrestling is bigger than ever. Its biggest stars make insane amounts of money, and even the minor players don’t make out too badly. The Divas are no exception – the top performers have beauty, brawn and finances on their side. These women are the richest among them.


10. Sable

 Est. Net Worth – $1.5M

Sable is pretty close to the “perfect archetype” of what a Diva is. Or at least was. She’s gorgeous, fierce in the ring and rode a crest of popularity into wrestling celebrity. She bailed on the WWF and leveled a sexual harrassment / unsafe working conditions suit against Vince McMahon. She came back into the fold in 2003, but left again in 2004 to spend more time with her husband Brock Lesnar and their children.


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