The Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Having A Better Summer Than You [Photos]

Maybe you had some plans this summer. But I am willing to bet money that they weren’t these plans.  Thousands of dollars spent on champagne, private planes, exotic vacations, luxury bags, and flashy jewelry – these kids definitely have it all set up for themselves. OR rather, Mommy and Daddy have it all set up for them. These kids may not know the meaning of hard work… or humility… or well, be in touch with what we plebes would call “reality”. So who are these kids? Well, they’re the Rich Kids of Instagram and they’re here to make you feel very, very poor.

15.  A very casual, not-trying-too-hard road trip.

You know, road trips. That great American past time where you get into your fancy luxury car with a ridiculously ostentatious paint job and cruise the roads. Oh, what? You don’t do that? How sad for you. How very, very sad.

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