High Speed Police Chase Has a Surprise Ending: You’ll Never Believe Why This Couple Was Going 100 MPH

On Friday night, UK police were in hot pursuit of a vehicle travelling over 100 MPH. They expected that when apprehended these would be serious criminals since they seemed to be so seriously carrying out this high speed chase. What they found was definitely not what they were expecting.

This is mother of four, Tiffany Ellmore.

When officers finally pulled over Collin Ellmore, they found that he was not running from them, but he was rushing to somewhere. Police were shocked to find a woman giving birth in his back seat! Ellmore’s 26 year old daughter Tiffany was in labor, and they weren’t sure they could make it all the way to the hospital. This baby wasn’t going to wait for a delivery room so Tiffany had to start pushing in the backseat of the car.

Like any concerned father would, Ellmore stepped on the gas. Unfortunately due to the high speed chase, they never made it to the hospital. “We boxed it in forcing it to stop and when it did the driver got out and we thought he was running off,” Sergeant Simon Goss of the Hampshire Police told Portsmouth News. “But he ran around the car to the passenger side and shouted something about a baby. When we got to the car, we saw the baby in the man’s hands. I have never experienced anything like it before.”

This is baby Lola Mia, just minutes after she was born on the side of the road.

This little cutie was born on the side of the m275 highway with seven police officers looking on. An ambulance arrived shortly after and both mother and baby were transported to the hospital. The healthy baby girl weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces.

This beautiful little girl certainly made an exciting entrance into this world and stirred up a bit of trouble for her mother. Hopefully it isn’t a sign of years to come, otherwise this busy mom will have her hands full!

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