Abandoned Soviet Shuttles Left In Vacant Hangar (PHOTOS)

The Soviet Union was a nation of secrets. For years, they kept a multitude of projects under wraps from the world, and from their own people. When the USSR dissolved in the early 90’s, many of these projects were simply abandoned. Left to rot away in the sands of time without any clean-up effort. Among them, a pair of space shuttles in an abandoned hangar. Watch as one photographer takes us inside this old world.

In the 1980’s, the Soviet government attempted to construct a space shuttle that was inspired by the United States. Known as Buran (Snowstorm), this shuttle would only travel on one unmanned spaceflight in 1988, following the impending collapse of the nation in 1993.

There were two Buran shuttles discovered in a hangar within modern day Baikonur, Kazakhstan. They were photographed by Ralph Mirebs in 2015. You won’t believe how eerie this place looks today.

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