28 Strange People Who Don’t Even Look Real

The world is full of interesting characters. Everyone’s unique in some way. Some people are remarkable for their accomplishments in the arts and sciences, others for their positive qualities, others for extremely negative ones. For the people on this list, the truism “people come in all shapes and sizes” is much more than a cliche. It’s a way of life.

Everyone listed here is (or was) a real person. None of the photos are doctored, though you may have difficulty believing that when you see their extremely unusual appearances.


28. Paul Karasons

Colloidal silver (silver suspended in liquid) used to be used as an antibacterial. When actual antibacterial drugs were developed in the 1940’s, colloidal silver pretty much disappeared. Disappeared, that is, until someone figured out that if you tell people it cures cancer, they might buy it, regardless of how unsubstantiated those claims are.


Ingesting colloidal silver, or applying it topically, sometimes leads to a condition called Argyria. Argyria turns your skin, eyes and organs blue. Paul Karason, the man pictured above and nicknamed “Papa Smurf,” made appearances on talk shows before dying of unrelated causes in 2013. He used colloidal silver for 15 years.

Colloidal silver was banned in Europe in 2010 but is still available in the States. Its use can also cause allergic reactions and interfere with other / real medications.

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