23 Strangest Facts From History

History textbooks don’t always tell the full story. From skewed points of views to forgoing information completely, sometimes it takes a little internet digging for you to get the full historical picture. After some digging of our own, we’ve decided to bring you some of the most absurd and downright weird facts. Here are 23 things about the past they probably didn’t teach you in school:

Scientists have recently revealed the human face behind the legendary story of the young Egyptian prince, King Tutankhamun. Testing revealed that King Tut had a club foot, feminine hips, and a pronounced overbite, as well as Kohler’s disease, a rare genetic disorder that caused him to lose bones in his foot. But what was more interesting was that King Tut’s long list of ailments isn’t the result of an ancient Egyptian curse. After DNA testing, scientists dtermined that King Tut’s parents were in fact brother and sister and his ailments were the results of an incestuous relationship.

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