20 Real Pictures Of The Titanic Disaster Guaranteed To Give You Chills

The Titanic tragedy was a big one, and one that claimed the lives of 1,517 innocent people….

It’s more than a hundred years since the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage. What happened next sent shockwaves around the world, as people tried to come to terms with the scale of the titanic crash.

There were just over 700 survivors from the luxury cruise liner who lived to tell the tale, most of whom were traumatized by what they went through, and understandably so.

The result of the crash was an alteration in the way passenger trade was conducted from that day forward, as well as a a change in regulations for the number of life boats required to be aboard similar ships.

The images you will see here are historic, in that they were all taken not long before the Titanic hit an iceberg and crashed. Some of the images are hard to look at, while others are a powerful representation of that era…

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